Amberley Castle (3 Star)

Address: Amberley Arundel England
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The Amberley Castle has been nestled in the lee of the beautiful South Downs in west Sussex for nine centuries. This idyllic historical treasure with its magnificent stone gatehouse working portcullis 60 feet curtain walls and towering battlements features 19 individually designed luxurious bedrooms and suites all with Jacuzzi bathrooms and many featuring four-posters. The 12th century queen s room and great room restaurants are superb settings for castle cuisine and fine wines. Guests can enjoy an 18- hole professional putting course croquet and tennis contained within 12 acres of delightful formal and landscaped gardens. Family owned and managed the Amberley Castle offers an exception level of service and comfort. It is a 900 year-old medieval castle with highest levels of personal service.


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