Internet in London

Wi-Fi access in London

Finding a free public WiFi is not easy in London. London is unfortunately not noted for free public wifi access - although the number of hotspots in the city are continuing to grow. See a map containing free wifi locations below. One of the most promising (it seems) for traveller-frequented areas, a service that provides blanket coverage along the banks of the River Thames (and some surrounding streets) from Millbank down to Greenwich Pier, and a small 'cloud' in Holborn - the free service asks only that you view a short advertisement every half hour in order to get 256 kbps (higher rates and ad-free come at a small charge). Free.

Tate Modern. Offering for a trial period free wi-fi internet access.

British Library. Offers free internet access throughout the library with registration.

Another good place for free wi-fi would be McDonald's, where free 24-hour period wi-fi are offered to customers. Furthermore, Pret-A-Manger franchises offer free internet without a login.

Shared Accommodation in London

Looking for a room - click here? You can go to any zone But make note of one thing that far off places may be cheaper but will cost you more in terms of transport tickets. In London Donít be too confident in public transport, as especially compared to other cities, there are often problems: signal failures, escalators repairs, station overcrowded, delay trains every day.

West London is generally more expensive than east, south and north. Hampstead with its nice, pleasant, peaceful areas, Little Venice, Notting Hill with the famous Portobello market, Kensington and Chelsea with the proximity of Hyde Park are among the highest prices. In contrast, South of the River (thatís how English people call the left bank) is cheaper. But you can also find expensive area such as Wimbledon there. Clapham is nice but can vary depending upon if you are at Clapham Common or South Clapham. Further, you can take the train at London Bridge and stay near more popular areas such as Bexley or Lewisham.

Since the accommodation in London is expansive many people use shared accommodation. It is quite common to see people looking for or offering shared accommodation in London. Sharing a flat or a house with a few people is the most convenient and cheapest way in London

You can search for your room mate or flatmate in London online by going to the website of Easy Room Mate You can find rooms and also post free adverts for yourself or if you have a room to share in London you can place your ad as well.

A good reference is the Loot ( and MoveFlat ( This newspaper is published every few days and conveniently groups adverts from owner looking to sell, rent, or shared flats.

If you are already in London you can also buy Loot classified newspaper which lists all available room sharers in the week. The best day to buy the Loot (in any Newsagents) is the beginning of the week or the end (especially on Friday). However the Monday edition includes Sunday's adverts and the Saturday edition includes Friday's ads. Be quick as the sooner you will phone, the better your options will be. You can also find information in the Evening Standard (evening newspaper), particularly on Wednesday and during the weekend when you've got a huge section with adverts.


Instead of living in a pokey attic room with huge rent, why not try shared accommodation? Frequently associated with students, sharing is spreading nowadays towards older established workers and covers people from 18 to 49 years old. Without falling into a community style of life such as in the 70's, you can choose to share an accommodation for a bigger space, less expense.

Flatsharing is a way to meet more and more followers who choose to break a lonely life, save money or just find an affordable accommodation in a difficult market. This way of life has numerous advantages in term of money, practicality or social life.

Discover all EasyRoommate offers, search for a flatshare in London, advertise a room: go through the ads and enter your profile.

If you've got a room to rent, you can put a free ad for house/flatsharing.

If you look for a room or a flatshare, it's free to search into the database with thousands of offers.

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