History of Olympic Medals

The Olympic Medel of Athens Olympics held in 1896 showing th goddess of victory and a city of Greece on the other side.

Olympic medel from 1900 AD Olympics of Paris showing the goddess of victory and on the back a winning athelete is shown. These were the first and only square medels. Gold and broze medals were also introduced first time during these Olympics.

St Louis Olympic in 1904

Olympics of 1908 held in London. One side of the medal shows two women crowing the winner while on th other side St. George is shown

Medel of Olympics 1912 held in Stockholm Showing the similar images as in London Olympics above

Medal for Antwerp Olympics 1920 Italy. Showing the the Italian mythical character who cut the monster "Druon Antigoon" hands

Paris Olympics 1924 medal showing an athelete helping his rival to stand as a gesture of friendliness on the other side medel shows Sports goods, a bow and musical instrument

Olympic Medal from Amsterdam olympics held in 1928 showing th goddess of victory and leaves of dates, on the other shide there is a winner being carried by the people

Los Angeles Olympics 1932 Medel

Medal of London Olympics of 1948

Helsinki Olympics 1952

Melbourne Olympics 1956

Medal of Rome Olympics held in 1960

Tokyo Olympics 1964 Medal

Mexico Olympics 1968 Medal

Olympics Medal of 1972 when olympics were held in Munich Germany this year the traditional design of the back side of the Madel was changed.

Olympic Medal of Montreal Olympics held in 1976

Medal from Moscow Olympics 1980

Los Angeles Olympics 1984 Madel

Soel Olympics 1988

Barclona Olympics 1992

Atlanta Olympics of 1996 Medal

Sydney Olympics Medal of year 2000

Athens Olympics of 1904 showing a new image of goddess of victory

Beijing Olympics 2008

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