What is London Pass

The London Pass very useful card or you may call it a ticket for 55 attractions in London. Londonpass is a ‘smart card’ Just like a credit card with a computer chip built inside it this allows you completely cash free entry to 55 London tourist attractions which are normally charged quite a bit of money. With London pass even if you only visit 2 sites you still save money. For example if you buy one day London pass for GBP 36 and you visit The Tower of London Save 16.00 London Zoo Save 14.00 Windsor Castle Save 14.20  (Total 44.20) off course you can still see many more and also enjoy other benefits.

London Pass is like an "all you can eat" buffet - once you’ve bought your London Pass you don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.

Simply show the attendant at a London Pass attraction your card, they will swipe it through a special machine and you will be allowed entry. For the full list of London attractions where you can get in free with the London Pass. Buy Now

Product Price  
1 Day Adult Pass 46.00 Buy Now
1 Day Child Pass 29.00 Buy Now
2 Day Adult Pass 61.00 Buy Now
2 Day Child Pass 46.00 Buy Now
3 Day Adult Pass 74.80 Buy Now
3 Day Child Pass 51.10 Buy Now
6 Day Adult Pass 99.50 Buy Now
6 Day Child Pass 69.20 Buy Now
London Passes with Travel -

Travel Around London With A London Travelcard

 If you have not been to London before it can seem big, busy and a little intimidating. Having a single, simple, cheap travel pass that allows you to use most modes of public transport within the capital - the famous London Underground or 'tube', the equally famous London red buses, the Docklands Light Railway and more - means that you can focus on what you came to London for - enjoyment!

 With the London Pass including transport, all your travel within London Transport Zones 1-6 is paid for. Problem solved!

The transport option that comes with the London Pass, if you choose to buy it, is the London Underground Travelcard. This allows you unlimited travel, within the times and dates specified, on most of the public transport available around London. To start traveling, your London Pass and Travel card simply need to be valid, signed and dated, and then you’re off!

Product Price  
1 Day Adult Pass with Travel 54.00 Buy Now
1 Day Child Pass with Travel 33.00 Buy Now
2 Day Adult Pass with Travel 79.00 Buy Now
2 Day Child Pass with Travel 52.00 Buy Now
3 Day Adult Pass with Travel 99.80 Buy Now
3 Day Child Pass with Travel 61.10 Buy Now
6 Day Adult Pass with Travel 149.00 Buy Now
6 Day Child Pass with Travel 97.20 Buy Now

Note: Child Pass is valid for 5 – 15 years.

Activating The London Pass

The smart card records when and where you first use your London Pass, as well as how long the pass will remain valid for.

This means that regardless of what start date you give when you buy the pass, your London Pass is activated the moment that you first use it at an attraction or service.

Your London Pass is then valid for the number of days that you purchased - be it 1, 2, 3 or 6 days. It is important to note that a ‘day’ is based on a calendar day, so should you first use your pass at 4pm on Monday, Monday is counted as day one of your pass usage.

Activating the Travelcard (London Pass with travel only)

How does the London Pass workIf you have opted for London Pass with travel, your Travelcard will be stamped with the start and end date that you specify at purchase.

You can use your Travelcard to catch the London Underground from Heathrow Airport into central London, but only if you opt to have your London Pass with travel delivered to your home prior to your trip.

For more information on the London Pass with travel please click here.

Validity of the London Pass

The London Pass and the London Travelcard are valid for use on consecutive days only. At the end of your validity period, the pass will expire and will no longer allow access to attractions or to the London Underground.

If, for example, you used a three day pass for the first time on Monday, your pass will cease working at the end of Wednesday, regardless of how often you have used it in between.

Skipping The Queue

How does the London Pass workAs well as free entry, the London Pass allows you to skip long and frustrating queues at the busiest tourist attractions.

Simply look for the London Pass signs and show the attendant your London Pass - they will swipe your card through the London Pass machine and you will be allowed entrance.

Help With Using The London Pass

Should you have any problems whilst using the London Pass, please click here to visit london pass web site or call London Pass customer help centre in UK on 0870 242 9988.